PINOSUL is a global mental health project. 


we use mobile app for people who work to build healthier mind and bring life changes
you can trace our feelings and share our feelings to someone caring about us or mental professions. 

pinsoul offers resources, inspiration, consulting and community to help you change your approach to 
mental health & open the door for healthier connection. 


How to pinsoul ? 


simply use our app, trace your feeling, share with  trusted others to help stay on track with any goal. 
pinsoul will save and collect our data and let us gain insight over time

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Our Mission & Values


We believe life comes down to something very basic. we can use everyday simple action to make our 
life different. we can improve our health, manage a chronic condition, or cope with a serious illness 
via mobile technology, we can live better, take care of each other, and make healthier connection to 
someone we love.

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Become a member and start pinsoul now! 


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